Ctet english pedagogy notes pdf download , english pedagogy study material

Ctet english pedagogy notes pdf download , english pedagogy study material ::जैसा कि आप सब लोगो को पता ही होगा। कि सीटेट की परीक्षा वर्ष में दो बार होती हैं। और इसमें english pedagogy  का एक अहम रोल होता हैं। इसको किनारे करके हम ctet में अच्छे नम्बर नही ला सकते है। इसीलिए hindivaani आज आपके लिए Ctet english pedagogy notes pdf download , english pedagogy study material लेकर आया है। जो आपको Ctet ,Mptet,Uptet  आदि के शिक्षक परीक्षा में english pedagogy  हेतु काफी सहायक होगी। इसके अंतर्गत आपको Language learning and language acquisition , और principal of language teaching  की जानकारी प्रदान की जाएगी। तो आइए शुरू करते है।

Ctet english pedagogy notes pdf download , english pedagogy study material

Ctet english pedagogy notes pdf download , english pedagogy study material

Ctet english syllabus

किसी भी प्रकार के पेपर की तैयारी करने से पहले हमें उसका सिलेबस जरूर जान लेना चाहिए । इसीलिए आइये सबसे पहले जानते है। कि Ctet english syllabus  क्या है।

(a) Language Comprehension 15 Question

  • (b) Pedagogy of Language Development 15 Question
  • Learning and acquisition.
  • Principles of Language Teaching.
  • Role of listening and speaking; the function of language and how children use it as a tool.
  • Critical perspective on the role of grammar in learning a language for communicating ideas verbally and in written form.
  • Challenges of teaching language in a diverse classroom
  • language difficulties
  • errors
  • disorders.
  • Language Skills.
  • Evaluating language comprehension and proficiency
  • speaking
  • listening
  • reading and writing.
  • Teaching-learning materials
  • Textbook
  • multi-media materials
  • multilingual resource of the classroom.
  • Remedial Teaching.

1.Language learning and language acquisition

Concept of language learning  –

language learning is a process of acquiring new skills or knowledge and improving the existing skills also. An individual undergoes a change in his knowledge and behaviour on account of learning.

Factors affecting learning

certain factors affect learning of individuals these factors can be divided into three categories which are as follow.

factors related to learner

Learner’s motivation determines the intensity of learning.

learner’s efficiency for mental capacity.

Factors related to teacher  –

teacher’s command over the subject.

teacher’s way of communicating .

teacher’s personality and attitude towards learners.

Factors related to the environment ,teaching materials and human resource

Conductive environment to learning.

structure and size of classrooms .

home environment of the learner

Language acquisition

It is a natural process. Which does not require any kind of formal means. Under this comes mother tongue or regional language.

this capacity involves the picking up of diverse capacities including syntax, phonetix and and extensive vocabulary.

this language might be the vocal as with speech or manual has sign.

2.Principle of language teaching

Theory of motivation and interest

motivation is an important factor in language learning particularly in larning a second language.English resource and text books should be selected according to the interest and aptitudes of student.

theory of imitation

according to many psychologist ,the child Learns a language through imitation. No learner by himself ever invented a language.

Theory of habit formation

Teacher can make language pattern as habit through intensive pattern practice in a variety of situations. in language learning habits of speech, listening ,reading ,writing correct pronunciation  should be formed.

Theory of exercise

Teachers should  make sure that reptitions things at proper intervals should be done.

Theory of individual difference

Every child is unique and different for other .in language teaching we have to keep in mind that Learns posses different abilities, personalities and belong to different background.so stimulus need of every learner will be different.

Theory of using mother tongue

Some linguistis are against the use of mother tongue in teaching foreign language.they believe that mother tongue should be is sparingly  and judiciously  used while teaching English. Of  course ,at an early stage some explanation will have to be given in puplis ‘ mother tongue but at later stages inputs form of the targeted language in a simple graded manner  can help in minimising the influence of mother tongue.

Theory of exposure to the language –

Learners should be provided with language familiar environment so that they could get maximum opportunities to listen and speak.

Correlation with life –

The subject matter thought in English language should correlate with life. the course material and audio visual ads should be related to the child’s life it make learning easy and comprehensible.

Theory of oral approach

Speech motivates the learners to learn. speech must precede reading and writing introduction to lessons should be given orally as learning to speak a language is always the shortest way to learning to read and write it.

Theory of selection and graduation

Items of learning should be present according to the order of ease. it should not be to get grading there should be structure and vocabulary grading.

Theory of ratio and series

Any language has certain basic skills.it is necessary that teaching should be done in such a way that child is able to learn all skills and listening speaking reading and writing skills are correlated.

Theory of child centred learning

Efforts should be made to have a student centred class as far as possible students should be given priorities while teaching.

3.Teaching learning materials –

Learning and teaching is and ongoing process in which teaches trying to find out ways to make the teaching process effective and interesting.the language teaching is a dynamic process and the teacher is well versed with the objectives of teaching English. teaching material should be selected keeping in mind the objectives of English so that skill of reading, understanding, listening and speaking can be developed.

Teaching aids and supporting materials for teaching learning materials –

Teachers should design appropriate learning activities in line with the focus of teaching. on the basis of low starting point, small steps diversified and activities and instant feedback teachers should encourage encourage pupils to participate actively during the learning process to help master the skill and method of the collaborative learning.

Divercertified teaching activities such a situational teaching ,competition ,collaration  of information ,discussion ,oral reporting ,games, topical research ,production graphs / models, roleplay ,recording visit and experiment May help puipls to in enhance their interest in learning in learning, stimulate their thinking and and reinforce the effectiveness of teaching.

Characteristics of teaching Aids –

Some of Characteristics of teaching Aids are given below.

  • These aids help to understand and comprehend difficult Idea and concepts and concepts.
  • They help to develop interest of the learners and make them curious.
  • The make learners learners active participants in the learning process.
  • They provide reinforcement for better learning learning.
  • They develop the perception of the learner towards the content.

Objectives of using teaching aids –

Some of the the objectives of using teaching aids in teaching learning process are given below

Audio visual AIDS make the teaching learning process activity very effective.the objectives of using audio video ads in the field of education can be listed as follows.

  • To make learning interesting and long lasting to motivate in students to learn by watching their interest in the subject
  • to save time energy and burden of the teacher.
  • to show application of the theoretical knowledge.
  • To explain objects that have no physical existence.

Audio Aids –

Audio ads facilities facilities learning by using the sense of hearing. Audio ads helps the teachers specially specially in language teaching some examples of the audio ads are radio tape recorder ,linguaphone ,audio cassette player and language laboratory.

Visual Aids –

This type of heads feel to the learners visual organs. they help in in the The attainment of the cognitive, affective and psychomotor objectives of teaching. some of the visual tools are chalk board ,soft boards ,charts maps ,picture and driving Static and working models film strips slide project ,overhead project.

Audio visual Aids –

These ads appeal to both the audio organs and visual organs of the learners. their facilitate in attending the cognitive affective and psychomotor objectives of teaching. some of the prominent audio – visual hadsar television film and computers.

Text book –

Textbook is one of the most common teaching material used by the English language teachers in teaching learning process.

textbook is the area in which the language material is presented and prescripted for teaching and learning English the different state have different criteria for the selection of a good textbook.

Ctet english pedagogy pdf download ::

नीचे दी गयी लिंक के माध्यम से आप आसानी से Ctet english pedagogy pdf download कर सकते है।

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